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Dear Senator/Representative:

With respect to Bill 5555 (insert unwanted Bill # here), as your constituent, I strongly oppose this Bill. Bill 5555 is not in the best interest of the adoptee, the birth mother, or the citizens of the great state of New York (insert your state here) for the following reasons:

  • This is a multi-generational issue. Not allowing adoptees access to their original birth certificate denies the opportunity to gain family health history which can be essential to saving lives and preventative health care. Denying adoptees the opportunity to have family health history subsequently denies their children family health history. This implies any legislator that stands behind Bill 5555 does not care about thousands of children by depriving optimal medical and health care. 
  • Bill 5555 does not afford equal protection under the color of law as provided under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution with respect to the Equal Protection Clause. This Bill, should it become law, places the entire public at risk of violating Article 255 NY Penal Law: 255.25 (Class E Felony), 255.26 (Class D Felony), 255.27 (Class B Felony).
  •  Bill 2222 (insert original Bill # here) erases the stain of assumption and provides a clear voice for the birth parent(s) free of ambiguity to voice their personal preference to be contacted which the Veto denies. The support of this Bill  implies the support of the continued oppression for thousands of women to have their own voice.
  • This legislature is implored to understand that this is not a unilateral issue exclusively impacting adopted individuals with respect to anonymity and privacy. Whereas the adoptee does not know whom or where biological relatives are, the same holds true conversely. Biological family members, beyond the biological parents, including biological aunts, uncles, and cousins also do not know where there adopted kin are, even if that means living next door, same class room, sports team, etc. This is a bilateral issue and the fact remains that you may not be aware of is if you have adopted kin connected to your family, subsequently places you, Legislator Smith (replace with legislators actual name), at the same precarious risk as adoptees.
  • The passage of Bill 5555 creates an ideal atmosphere for a potential Class Action suit against the State of NY for all the above reasons.

For the above reasons, personally, and as my social responsibility for my fellow citizens of the State of New York, I do not support this Bill. I adamantly request the removal of Bill 5555 or request your vote against it. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jim Jones

123 Main street

New York, NY


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